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The Importance Of A Harmonious World An Internship At...

A harmonious world does not require one single tune. People simply need to listen and accept differences while not holding themselves steadfast in their beliefs. I aspire to help orchestrate such a world symphony. My academic and extracurricular activities will help me engineer societal progression, as they have developed my problem solving skills and ability to connect to different cultures. My AP Biology and AP Chemistry classes ignited an intense scientific curiosity that drove me to create an internship at Yale University’s Flavell Lab this past summer. The lab s researchers work with transgenic mice to study immunity, hoping to trigger responses that fight cancerous cells. Their work is every bit as exhilarating as I could have hoped. The experience of seeing actual applications of techniques like western blotting and flow cytometry brought about the revelation that I could use my mathematical and scientific talents to solve problems that exist outside of textbooks. This realization created an insatiable yearning to eliminate real world problems which far outweigh those of my multivariable calculus textbook in both number and importance. My academic achievements and experience at the Flavell Lab will help me be able to cross off items on my problem hit list. However, proficiency in calculus and chemistry alone is insufficient for finding scientific solutions to promote a harmonious world. Connection between disciplines is essential for society and for the smaller

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Instructional Technology As A Problem Solving Tool For...

Blended learning has been a popular topic in education over the past decade. With the rapid advancement of technology in recent years and the ever-increasing demands on teaching staff, there is a scramble to find the golden goose – the key to harmonizing technology and education in order to reach more students and ease the burden of teachers. It becomes more than just an issue of getting technology into the classroom because hundreds of thousands of classrooms already have technology capabilities. It becomes an issue of how to train teachers to use instructional technology and truly integrate it into curriculum. It becomes an issue of how to make technology a problem-solving tool for students of all ages and learning styles. Some researchers believe blended learning to be the golden goose for education – which raises even more issues and many questions. What instructional technologies can be useful in K-12 subjects? How can instructional technology be used in college and professional development for adults? Is blended learning the future of education? Can blended learning influence various learning styles and create a deeper knowledge base? What professional development programs can we offer to ensure that future teachers are prepared to operate technology in the classroom? The purpose of this paper is to examine the aspects of blended learning and how instructional technologies can facilitate lessons across many subjects and age groups. Blended learning isShow MoreRelatedEvaluate How To Communicate And Integrated Case Study991 Words   |  4 Pagescollaborate effectively using a variety of modalities including digital-age tools that ensure the learner’s professional growth. 2. Reflect on design and implementation challenges experienced during the redesign of a prior coursework activity. Purpose: The purpose of the research study was to examine how as reflective educational practitioners we could incorporate and implement the use of technology to create a blended professional learning community across districts within our state to share knowledgeRead MoreEducation Is A Transformative Component Of Creativity And Learning898 Words   |  4 PagesProblem solving in education is a transformative component in fostering creativity and learning. An educator is constantly seeking new ways to better enhance and to create meaningful learning experiences. In a world that is so driven by technology in the digital age, finding ways to creatively use Computational Thinking and Computer Science skills will create innovative thinkers among our students. Besides the foreseen challenges of the ever changing upgrades and application of new technologies;Read MoreThe National Educational Technology Standards For Students, Teachers, And Administrators Essay1082 Words   |  5 Pages I am a graduate student pursuing a specialist degree in Educational Leadership with National Louis University. Currently, I am enrolled in a course titled, Realizing Vision through Technological, Human and Financial Resources. The National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) are a set of standards sponsored by the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE). I have explored the ITSE website and reviewed the NETS standards for students, teachers, and administrators. In this paperRead MoreEvaluating A Smart Learning Recommendations1408 Words   |  6 Pagessignificantly strengthen teachers’ ability to determine the most appropriate learning recommendations for every student. Students have anytime access to their learning profiles, which are instantly updated whenever they have taken a quiz, completed a problem set, submitted an assignment and received a grade or comments. Teachers use this information to determine personalized learning recommendations. Thi s dashboard also provides all of our stakeholders with the critical information they need to effectivelyRead MoreThe Effect Of Technology On The Classroom Essay1210 Words   |  5 PagesThere is a growing trend in the use of technology in the classroom. As a teacher, I am always looking for ways to use manipulatives in my lessons to increase meaning and authenticity for students. I would love to keep my students engaged, motivated and interactive in the classroom and still be able to get through the content each day. In order to achieve this, I need to have an arsenal of tools to draw from. That is why I agree with (Tataroglu Erduran, 2010) as stated in the International ElectronicRead MoreVygotsky Essay1960 Words   |  8 Pagesproximal development. Evaluate the efficacy of approaches to teaching and learning [eg. reciprocal teaching, cognitive apprenticeships, and communities of learners] which incorporate this notion. Many theorists throughout the century have developed concepts that have analysed and explained how a child learns during their schooling years. Educational theorist Lev Vygotsky produced the social development theory of learning. He believed social interaction is the primary cause of cognitive developmentRead MoreThe Influence of Media Technology and Information and Communication Technology2068 Words   |  9 PagesThe Influence of Media Technology and Information and Communication Technology Today it is not sufficient to have knowledge and experience, it is indispensable to be able to share them, to belong to a networked knowledge community and to have skills of lifelong learning in order to exploit all information, competences and skills, learnt from formal, informal and non-formal learning experiences. These continuous changes determine the evolution and innovation of learning process in order to exploreRead MoreDigital Technology : A Paradigm Shift3243 Words   |  13 Pages(2000) digital technologies is used to describe the use of electronic resources to effectively find, analyze, create, communicate and use information. In other words digital technology is used as an umbrella term to describe the variety of computer base programmes of learning being offered within schools. This includes; information technology, technology ICT (information and communication technology), computing, information management, text and information management, the use of web tools, digital mediaRead MoreThe Effects Of Technology On Students Attitudes Education Essay1995 Words   |  8 PagesTechnology Has Positive Effects On Students Attitudes Education Technology has evolved and grown rapidly. This is the reason why technology plays a major role in modern life that affects all the aspect of human activities. Therefore, our societies get a lot of benefits from modern technology. Universities and colleges for example have so many facilities. Such as labs with sophisticated computer devices, internet connections with high speed, projectors and smart boards. Using these developed toolsRead MoreAspects Of Blended Learning : Technology Supports Diverse Classrooms3818 Words   |  16 PagesAspects of Blended Learning: Technology Supports Diverse Classrooms Blended learning has been a popular topic in education over the past decade. With the rapid advancement of technology in recent years and the ever-increasing demands on teaching staff, there is a scramble to find the golden goose – the key to harmonizing technology and education in order to reach more students and ease the burden of teachers. It becomes more than just an issue of getting technology into the classroom because hundreds

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Higher Education Essay Topics Can Be Fun for Everyone

Higher Education Essay Topics Can Be Fun for Everyone All About Higher Education Essay Topics If you must choose the subject of your essay about education, you have arrived at the correct location. If you're clueless as to the best way to begin an essay or whether you need suggestions regarding topics, our sample essay education can be of some assistance to you. You might be able to compose a quick essay on education. All things considered, you can observe that writing a persuasive essay isn't a brain surgery. Life is much better than it was 50 decades ago. Speaking about the value of education isn't the only choice for writing papers on higher education. Some people think that university graduates should pay the complete price of their education. A teacher's profession is a perfect profession. Student's attitude and behavior can definitely impact the way they learn in school. Even in the event the individual has a level, it won't ensure her or him safe profession unless he or she has developed their character. Furthermore, school isn't always happening in the classroom. Modern-day classrooms do not offer enough facilities to deal with the examination. These days, it's easy for the majority of the students to have accessibility to higher education. School tests aren't effective. Normally, having three big arguments to demonstrate your point is sufficient for a convincing paper. Despite the fact that you favor the professionals of technology, you've got to figure out several positive arguments. Please be sure you separate the 2 questions, so that I am able to know the difference between them. Don't hesitate to use several sources the question. The Secret to Higher Education Essay Topics Please sure that you determine the Discussion Questions. Since you may see, finding an appropriate topic is not quite as simple as it might appear. Picking a simple topic may prove to be an incorrect track since you may have difficulties finding credible sources to support your views. Deciding upo n the most suitable topic for a persuasive speech is occasionally not such an easy matter to do as it might appear. Education is a tool in society that has come to be an extremely crucial portion of our lives. So, it is a necessary means of eradicating the unemployment problem. Higher education is the secret to new worlds. A greater education can make more opportunities for people. Although computers appear to be in fantastic demand in higher post-secondary education systems, we're also slowly starting to see younger children being exposed to technology too. Families will need to work out a survival plan in the event of financial troubles. Every family needs to have a all-natural disaster survival program. You must add valuable info on your chosen education-related subject, and it will raise the understanding of the readers. Topics might be associated with the variety of contradictory issues which depend on the topic and field of interest. Your subject might be easy or complicated. Exactly like an argumentative essay, a persuasive paper demands a nice degree of expertise and knowledge of a particular field. A persuasive essay is a powerful tool when you will need to supply a new vision of a specific topic for the reader. Without any kind of language, an individual can't achieve success in the education. Still, figuring out the very best topic for your essay isn't your only concern for a student. School should happen in the evenings. Education plays an essential part in shaping successful folks. Students ought to be permitted to pray in school. Earning Diploma of Higher Education implies receiving valuable wisdom and expertise that may be helpful in the upcoming career. Year round school isn't a good idea. Video games may come in enhanced career. Lessons ought to be shortened. Parent classes are essential for parents who need to adopt.

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Downsizing And Organizational Culture Essay - 5490 Words

Downsizing and Organizational Culture Table of Contents Chapter 1........................................................................................................................1 Chapter 2........................................................................................................................2 nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Organizational Culture Defined........................................................................2 nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Downsizing Defined............................................................................................3 nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Culture†¦show more content†¦nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;A truer and fuller understanding of the forces shaping and thrusting downsizing forward today comes from an appreciation of increased global competition; changing technologies, which in turn are profoundly impacting the nature of work; increasing availability of a contingent work force 4; and shifting balance of power among organizational constituents away from rank and file employees and in the direction of shareholders and the chief executives who serve as their proxy. When we conceptualize downsizing within these broader frameworks, it becomes clear that we are speaking of downsizing both as a response to and as a catalyst of organizational culture change. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;This article will later provide a formal definition of quot;organizational culturequot;. For the moment, it is suggested that culture is to an organization what personality is to an individual. As with personality, change takes time and may be hard to discern, especially for persons inside the organization. This article will argue that, ultimately, the most prominent effects of downsizing will be in relation to culture change, not in relation to saved costs or short-term productivity gains. Key drivers of organizational culture will tend to shape an organization’s approach to downsizing. For whose benefit does the organization exist? What are the basic assumptions among people who work in the organization? What are the basic assumptions theShow MoreRelatedDownsizing and Organizational Culture5617 Words   |  23 PagesDownsizing and Organizational Culture By Joe Gonzalez Sociology 100 Dr. Mario Reda Table of Contents Chapter 1........................................................................................................................1 Chapter 2........................................................................................................................2 Organizational Culture Defined........................................................................2 Downsizing Defined...Read MoreOrganizational Structure Of The Organization1163 Words   |  5 PagesOver the years, most organizations have been urged to consider changing their organizational structure so as to promote employee flexibility as well as empower them with the discretion of making decisions. As a result, organizations across the world have resorted to de-layering or flattening their organizational structures with the hopes of achieving employee flexibility and improving the operations of the organization as well. De-layering or flattening, in this case, refers to the elimination ofRead MoreOrganizational Change And Personal Leadership Development Plan Essay1596 Words   |  7 Pages Assignment 5: Organizational Change and Personal Leadership Development Plan Anthony Bing Dr. Jimmie Flores December 12, 2016 Strayer University, Augusta Georgia Judy Stokley: Personal leadership development plan and organizational change Specific practices that successful project managers apply in exercising their leadership and management roles overall. Project management is one of the avenues through which individuals can be able to exhibit their leadership and management capabilitiesRead MoreEssay about Organizational Culture6678 Words   |  27 PagesDownsizing And Organizational Culture Thomas A. Hickok -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Abstract In this article Hickok argues that, ultimately, the most prominent effects of downsizing will be in relation to culture change, not in relation to saved costs or short-term productivity gains. In particular, the author notes three observations in relation to the impact of downsizing on organizational culture. First, it clearly appears that powerRead More Management Essay1393 Words   |  6 Pagesmanagers have the tendency to focus on the expense of more important things, the discussion will be demonstrated from the following concepts: contemporary management challenges—downsizing, workplace diversity, restructuring, globalisation and quality; organisational culture in Australia, managers’ role in managing organisational culture. Managers today must be able to solve problems based on the skills and knowledge that they have, and help the organisation be more successful. Organisations that profit-orientatedRead MoreCase Study Report on Communicating Change1567 Words   |  7 Pages(2) Company also should use more than one strategy (Crossman 2011, p. 399), for example, combine withhold and uphold with underscore and explore strategy; (3) An effective communication before and during the change and staff reduction (lay-off , downsizing) process is also necessary; (4) Should give authority and encourage stakeholders to participate in the change process such as evaluation and implementation (Lewis et al. 2006). 1. Introduction Communication strategy plays a crucial roleRead MoreHuman Resource Management1748 Words   |  7 Pageskeeping morale high, keeping the budget down, making sure the employee is properly trained and oriented, to name just a few. First, explain the significance of human resource management and then identify and discuss the following: 1. How organizational restructuring has impacted staffing in healthcare organizations. 2. Does decreasing the number of employees always save an organization/company money? Why or why not? 3. How would you select a â€Å"qualified person† for a position? What aboutRead MoreReengineering the Corporation1547 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Reengineering the Corporation†, Hammer and Champy create a new frame of managerial relations and organizational bureaucracy. The authors address such important problems as impact of technology on business environment, new labor relations and organizational structures affected a modern corporation. The book consists of 13 chapters and an Epilogue discussing different problems and issue of modern organizational bureaucracy. The authors criticize old approaches to management based on Adam Smith s divisionRead MoreHrm Downsiz Case1451 Words   |  6 PagesRestructuring†¦ Focus on Downsizing as a Main HR Strategy†¦ why†¦? and How†¦? Benefits and Effects†¦ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Prepared by: 1- Essam Gayad 2- Majed Mourtada 3- Alaa AldIn Jajah MBA6 -HRM Profile Overview It is said that the only thing that is constant in this world is ‘change’. This particular maxim is clearly manifested in the ever-changing business organizations we have today. ï‚ § Downsizing is an extremely a relevantRead MoreBarriers to Effective Downsizing Change Management4479 Words   |  18 Pagesï » ¿Barriers to Effective Downsizing Change Management Page 2 ________________________________________________________________________ Barriers to Effective Downsizing Change Management Table of Contents Introduction 2 Overview of Downsizing Change Management 3 Common Barriers to Effective Downsizing Change Management 4 i. Employee Retention Related Barrier 5 ii. Avoiding Hard Landings 6 iii. Employees and Employers Political

Arab Spring Free Essays

In order to eliminate the autocratic regimes that were in control of their nations ‘destinies, many countries In the Middle East engaged In a revolution for freedom. Beginning In Tunisia, protesters In other countries of the Middle East gathered in a popular movement, known as the Arab Spring. Although the purpose of the Arab Spring movement to obtain freedom can be considered successful, the political situation in the countries associated with this type of movement Isn’t the best. We will write a custom essay sample on Arab Spring or any similar topic only for you Order Now As mentioned In the article, a leader of opposition In Tunnels was assassinated recently, on top of the several killings that previously took place in the country. Another nation, Libya, is facing similar problems it did with the old regime. Even though Shady is no longer the ruler, the country is still experiencing political instabilities due mainly to the lack of dialogue. As mentioned in the article, the Middle East still get a poor number of translated books per year, proving Its non-lintiest In teaching the populace various topics to favor debates. Like several countries In the Middle East, Israel shows a strong consideration for public opinion. In fact, the country’s values for people ‘rights originated from the Talmud, which supports the learning of history; philosophy and other great topics that would enable people to better understand today’s society. Perhaps by applying great principles from the Quern, without any distortion of its content, Arab-Spring affiliated countries may possibly learn the vitality of having freedom of speech. Salary to Jews, these Muslims may also refer to Abraham’s How to cite Arab Spring, Papers

The Great Cat Massacre-Free-Samples for Students-Free-Samples

Question: How Does Darntons Discussion Of The Cat Massacre Exemplify His Exploration Of History In An Ethnographic Grain? What Does It Suggest More Generally About What Cultural History Is And How To Do It? Answer: The great cat massacre The starting of the modern age is marked by many scholars as the date when the printing revolution happened, and people started printing books. The Renaissance which gave rise to the age of logic reasoning and questioning, allowed men to understand things far beyond what they already have known for all these days. However, after the printing revolution had happened there were many entrepreneurs who were rich and took up printing as the business, the people who were working in these printing shops, were invariably discriminated and tortured by their owners as was the standard practice in the middle ages[1]. These workers were not given basic facilities for life and very little to survive on. The cats of the wives of the printing shop owners used to get better food to eat and lead a better life than the workers[2]. The workers had to eat the food which even the cats would not eat. However, as an irony the cats outside were considered as the representatives of the Devil and were hated by most of the people. In the narrative of Nicolas Contant who used to work in the printing shop of Jacques Vincent, has stated how the cats from the roads, who used to howl, were smashed by sticks, the half dead cats were brought together in a place, and it was pronounced that the cats were guilty of witchcraft and hence they were hung from the ceiling. However, when the wife of the shop owner screamed thinking it was her cat, she was told by the workers that it is not her cat and they have deep regard for their cat. The difference of the cats on road and the cat owned by the wife of the owner of the shop is the irony that reflected in the society as well. The worker class of men and who were not strong enough economically and politically were discriminated in many ways and the higher and lower strata of the people were celebrated by carnivals in which there were all immoral and discriminating practices followed. Cats played one of the most important roles in these carnivals where they were brought put into a container and burnt alive, which signified the killing of the power of the devil. The workers working with these printers lead a life so miserable that they have to laugh at the expense of each other. Usually a person is made the butt of practical jokes on whom all kinds of tricks are applied in order to generate some laughter among the workers. Ethnography is the study of people from different cultures and the differences in their customs and practices. In this essay the ethnographic difference lies in the fact that the social strata were divided into two very distinct section, the powerful section who had power and money and the section on whom they exerted their control[3]. This was the situation in all the regions of Europe especially before the period of industrialization when there was need of manual labor to a large extent[4]. The workers had no recognized rights and their life as portrayed in this essay was worse than the pets of their owners. They had an inferiority complex from even the cats who used to be pampered and hence there were plans to eliminate these cats just to have that inhumane satisfaction because mentally these workers were depressed and denied of their basic human rights. Another cultural difference that is very evident from the reading is, when the cats were killed that was a point of laughter and amusement for the workers of that time. However, in todays times it gives shivers to the reader to read such horrific accounts of animal cruelty. This is because in those days superstition made people believe that the cats were directly representatives of the devil[5], and apart from that the torture that the workers had to go through everyday made them inhuman and unstable in mind, and removed basic human qualities such as kindness and compassion. Therefore, they found it amusing that the cats which were witches were killed and burnt alive, or smashed and hanged. However, in todays times with awareness and education people have come to believe that compassion should be shown to all living beings, and they will find the narrative too much disturbing. The cats were believed to be form of witches, and women usually had sexualized and objectified position in the society which made the cats sexualized and related to witchcraft. The sexual slangs related to cats are still prevalent these days, The historian Robert Darnton who specialized in French history had expertly through this account has explained the degrading situation of the social order of the early 18th Century through the narration of the workers References: Darnton, R. (2009).The great cat massacre: And other episodes in French cultural history. Basic Books. Engels, D. W. (2015).Classical cats: the rise and fall of the sacred cat. Routledge. Erickson, P. A., Murphy, L. D. (Eds.). (2013).Readings for a history of anthropological theory. University of Toronto Press. Floud, R., Humphries, J., Johnson, P. (Eds.). (2014).The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Britain: Volume 1, Industrialisation, 17001870. Cambridge University Press. Walker, B. L. (2013). Animals and the Intimacy of History.History and Theory,52(4), 45-67 Darnton, R. (2009). The great cat massacre: And other episodes in French cultural history. Basic Books. Walker, B. L. (2013). Animals and the Intimacy of History.History and Theory,52(4), 45-67. Erickson, P. A., Murphy, L. D. (Eds.). (2013). Readings for a history of anthropological theory. University of Toronto Press. Floud, R., Humphries, J., Johnson, P. (Eds.). (2014). The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Britain: Volume 1, Industrialisation, 17001870. Cambridge University Press. Engels, D. W. (2015).Classical cats: the rise and fall of the sacred cat. Routledge

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The Book of Isaiah

Theological Message of the Book of Isaiah The book of Isaiah is very important because it prophesies the birth and life of Jesus Christ. The prophecy of Christ is a testament of hope in God1. Prophet Isaiah describes how Christ will save all believers on the Judgment Day. The main theological theme of this book is found in Isaiah 12: 2.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The Book of Isaiah specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This verse states that God is the salvation of every Christian2. Believers should therefore trust and worship their God. The first 39 chapters of this book focus on the issue of judgment. This portrayal of judgment is relevant because it creates room for salvation. According to many scholars of the Bible, Christians should be in need of salvation. This argument explains why the themes of judgment and salvation go hand-in-hand in this book. The first chapters of Isaiah explain how sinners will be ju dged. The faithful ones will receive God’s blessings. Such believers will eventually live in a renewed world full of happiness. Summary Statement: The book of Isaiah describes how God will destroy those who have sinned and save the faithful. Theological Themes in the Book of Isaiah The concept of dualism is notable in many prophetic books in the Holy Bible. This is the same case with the book of Isaiah. The author of the book begins by giving the prophecies associated with his time3. The author then tackles a greater fulfillment that will occur after Jesus Christ returns for the second time. The book of Isaiah shows clearly that a great judgment awaits all believers. The verdict will take place after the end of this present era. This message of judgment is presented to the reader using four unique themes. This essay offers a detailed analysis and meaning of each of the four themes. Jesus Christ The theme of Christ occurs throughout this book. Most of the chapters in Isaiah co ntain prophesies of the Messiah. The book identifies Jesus’ first coming. The theme of Jesus Christ makes it easier for believers to understand God’s prophecies. The New Testament is a fulfillment of these prophecies by Isaiah4.Advertising Looking for essay on religion theology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Several verses in the book give a detailed analysis of Jesus’ role as the son of God. For instance, Isaiah 2:4 indicates clearly that Jesus will judge every nation. According to the book, Christ will be the child of a virgin. His name â€Å"shall be Immanuel† (Isaiah 8: 8-10). According to Isaiah (28: 16), Jesus Christ will be the foundation of every soul. Chapter 53 of the book explains how Christ will suffer on earth. The prophet also indicates how Jesus will die to save mankind. This chapter shows clearly that Jesus will come to give his precious life on the cross in order to redeem mankin d. The Passover lamp mentioned in Isaiah (53:7) symbolizes this act of heroism. God uses Isaiah’s prophecies to reveal why Jesus Christ will have a human soul5. This approach will make it easier for Christ to deal with the sins affecting mankind. God also showed Isaiah how Jesus will be crucified and resurrect after three days. Similar prophecies had been made by great leaders such as King David. The theme of Jesus Christ goes further to explain how God shall save mankind. God will judge and save those who shall repent. The role of Christ will be to bring more people to their creator. Warnings and Assurances to Israelites The first ten chapters of this book highlight most of the sins committed by many people during the time of Isaiah. Such are comparable to the ones committed by different Christians today6. The book of Isaiah gives a detailed analysis of the Judgment Day. Chapters 41-50 of the book also highlight the sins committed by the people of Judah and Israel. Many vers es in these chapters describe how God shall redeem his people from such sins. Chapter 56 warns believers against their actions. God will punish people for such sins. Christians should therefore be warned and put their eyes on the Lord7. The issue of hypocrisy is also mentioned in chapters 56 and 58. Such chapters describe why many Israelites had stopped keeping the Sabbath. Many people were also fasting without proper reasons. This theme encourages many believers to repent and focus on God’s deliverance.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The Book of Isaiah specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Believers should therefore pray in order to receive God’s mercies. They will eventually be delivered and see God’s kingdom. This theme encourages many Christians and believers to obey God’s commandments. They should do so by keeping the covenant. God shall â€Å"rescue his people from captivity† (Isaiah 11:11). This theme encourages Christians to repent. Modern believers should also consider these warnings and assurances in order to achieve their religious goals8. The Day of the Lord The world has been characterized by many evil occurrences. This fact explains why many Biblical books have described the Day of the Lord. This Day of the Lord is yet to come9. The book of Isaiah describes a time when frightening events shall occur. Such events will create room for Jesus Christ’s second coming. The Day of the Lord will put an end to this present age10. The book indicates that â€Å"this Day of the Lord shall last for a year† (Isaiah 61: 1). This one year shall be characterized by God’s wrath and vengeance (Revelations 6:17). During this day, God’s wrath will be felt in every corner of the world. The book of Isaiah also describes â€Å"how the earth shall be shaken and moved out of its orbit† (Isaiah 13:13). This Day of the Lord will also be ch aracterized by war. The book of Revelation also gives similar views of this day. The daughters of Babylon will also be destroyed during this fateful day. The word â€Å"Babylon† denotes different earthly regimes that shall be obliterated before Christ’s second coming11. According to the Holy Bible, the Day of the Lord â€Å"shall end when the great trumpet will be blown† (Isaiah 27:13). The Messiah shall return after the end of this Day of the Lord. This theme is meaningful because it describes the events that will occur before God’s second coming12.Advertising Looking for essay on religion theology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Believers should therefore be vigilant in order to inherit God’s kingdom. Every government and earthly system shall be destroyed during this period (Isaiah 47: 1, 5, 7, 9). God’s Kingdom Every chapter in this book addresses the issues surrounding the Kingdom of God. Jesus Christ will usher this new kingdom after his second coming. It is notable that the word â€Å"Kingdom† is not used in the book. However, Prophet Isaiah gives a detailed analysis of a future age that will prevail after the Day of the Lord. Several verses in the book prophesy this kingdom. For instance, Isaiah (4: 2-6) indicates that â€Å"God will establish a New Jerusalem†. The righteous shall live in this blessed city. The book also indicates that this new kingdom shall dwell forever. The â€Å"son of God will be called the Prince of Peace† (Isaiah 9: 6-7). The Holy Bible also indicates that â€Å"the deaf shall hear, the blind will see, and Jacob’s children will praise G od’s name forever† (Isaiah 29: 18). The book of Isaiah presents many prophecies about this awaited kingdom. Chapters 44-66 describe how the current world shall be destroyed in order to give room for a new government. According to Hagerland, everything written in this book focuses on an eternal government led by God13. The whole world shall disappear and a new one will emerge. Every person in this new world will be blessed, happy, and successful. The above prophesies are relevant because they support the religious needs of every believer. Jesus Christ will come back in order to establish God’s kingdom. Human beings should therefore embrace these teachings in order to achieve their religious goals. Christians should also repent, forgive one another, and change their lives. These practices will make it easier for many believers to achieve their spiritual goals. Such individuals will become part of God’s kingdom. Bibliography Hagerland, Tobias. Jesus and the F orgiveness of Sins: An Aspect of his Prophetic Mission. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011. Peterson, David. The Prophetic Literature: An Introduction. New York, NY: Wiley, 2002. Roberts, Jimmy. â€Å"Isaiah in Old Testament Theology.† Interpretation 36, no. 2 (1982): 130-143. Webb, Barry. The Message of Isaiah. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1997. Young, Edward. The Book of Isaiah. New York, NY: Longman, 2002. Footnotes 1 Edward Young. The Book of Isaiah, (New York, NY: Longman, 2002), 36. 2 Tobias Hagerland. Jesus and the Forgiveness of Sins: An Aspect of his Prophetic Mission, (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011), 63. 3 Jimmy Roberts. â€Å"Isaiah in Old Testament Theology,† Interpretation 36, no. 2 (1982): 133. 4 David Peterson. The Prophetic Literature: An Introduction, (New York, NY: Wiley, 2002), 22. 5 Edward Young. The Book of Isaiah, (New York, NY: Longman, 2002), 36. 6 Edward Young. The Book of Isaiah, (New York, NY: Longman, 2002), 36. 7 Barry Webb. The Message of Isaiah, (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1997), 82. 8 Jimmy Roberts. â€Å"Isaiah in Old Testament Theology,† Interpretation 36, no. 2 (1982): 136. 9 David Peterson. The Prophetic Literature: An Introduction, (New York, NY: Wiley, 2002), 22. 10 Tobias Hagerland. Jesus and the Forgiveness of Sins: An Aspect of his Prophetic Mission, (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011), 69. 11 Edward Young. The Book of Isaiah, (New York, NY: Longman, 2002), 73. 12 Barry Webb. The Message of Isaiah, (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1997), 86. 13 Edward Young. The Book of Isaiah, (New York, NY: Longman, 2002), 36. This essay on The Book of Isaiah was written and submitted by user Aryana P. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.